Allen Auto Honored as Business of the Month by Phelps Chamber of Commerce

Every month, the Phelps Chamber of Commerce selects a member to be recognized as Business of the Month. This December, the title belongs to Allen Auto: a family owned and operated business specializing in used car sales.

Mark Allen grew up in Clifton Springs, and has lived here his entire life. Even though he attempted to move away a few times, Allen always came back because Clifton Springs is his home, and remains his favorite place in the world to be.

With help from his father (Walter), Mark opened Allen Auto in July of 2004. He had but one simple goal: to provide local residents with a comfortable car buying experience by offering affordable pricing on reliable vehicles, and by letting car buyers control the sale.

His favorite thing about owning a business in the Phelps/Clifton Springs area is the privilege of working directly with every customer… building relationships with local residents and recognizing each friendly familiar face.

While focusing on auto sales, Allen Auto also collaborates with Bayers Garage to provide maintenance and ensure that each car for sale is ready to drive.

Buying a car at Allen Auto offers all of the benefits of shopping at a big name car sales lot, and none of the drawbacks. The cars for sale are affordable, and financing is available at a lower-than-average rate.

Most importantly, when you stop to look at the used cars available… there is no stereotypical car salesman ready to jump on you the moment you step out of your car.  Instead, you are free to browse at your own comfort level. When you see something you like and are ready to discuss a sale, simply go into the office during normal business hours or call for more information.

Located at 2138 Rte. 96 in Clifton Springs, NY; Allen Auto is open Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm and Saturday from 9am until 3pm. Appointments can be made during off hours if you see something in the lot that you can’t wait to take for a joy ride. To make an appointment, please call (585) 451-7773.

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