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mary_prestonThe Foundation seeks to enhance the common good of residents in the Town and Village of Phelps and surrounding areas by encouraging organizations and projects through the issuance of grants to those not-for-profit organizations, municipalities or businesses that will help improve the area.

Specifically, the Foundation will fund projects that will help others acquire, improve, operate or preserve historically significant buildings or artifacts and that will increase and improve socialization or recreational, educational and cultural opportunities for residents and visitors to Phelps.

We encourage requests that address multiple priorities, as well as those that bring together organizations and activists from diverse movements.


Historical Preservation – Acquisition or maintenance of locally or historically significant artifacts or real property. Organizations that will promote activities based on the historical nature of the Phelps community.

Socialization – Provide opportunities for greater socialization among residents of Phelps. Maintain or improve existing facilities or programs that provide socialization opportunities for residents.

Recreation – Provide new recreational opportunities for residents of Phelps. Maintain or improve existing facilities or programs that provide recreational opportunities for residents.

Education – Improve educational opportunities for residents of Phelps, particularly those who are not served through other programs.

Culture – Provide opportunities for residents of Phelps to enjoy cultural activities, such as theater, dance, music and the arts.

The Preston Foundation meets quarterly, ( February, May, August and December) all grant request and applications should be submitted by the 1st of each quarter month.

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